Tailor Made Itineraries

A Japan Tour made for you

In addition to our scheduled tours, we also offer tailor made itineraries according to your requirements. We can design your trip to suit your budget, the time of year you prefer to travel, your chosen hotel type or your particular interests, for example. Whether you have a limited budget, prefer more independent travel, would like to visit a particular area of Japan or are interested in something specific like Japanese gardens, animation or sumo, we can arrange a tour just for you. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and make a detailed printed quote.

Our tailor made itineraries can be designed to include as much or as little support as you need. You may be interested in our services if you haven't travelled in Asia before, are travelling with young children, or just prefer to be looked after! We offer the following special features to help you settle in more easily.

Airport Meeting Service

We meet you from your flight and escort you to your hotel so you can relax as soon as you land.

Orientation Service

We ease you into Japanese life, taking you through the

  • Converting your rail pass and booking train tickets for your journey which can only be done once you arrive in Japan
  • Visiting a restaurant and understanding the menu.
    We will also advise on Japanese cuisine and basic dining etiquette.
  • Changing money or travellers cheques
  • Making national and international phone calls
  • Advising on any special requirements such as travelling with small children
  • Learning basic phrases - good morning, thank you, excuse me, etc
  • Review of Personalised Tour Information

Guide Services

We can take you on a tour of your chosen locations, arrange local guides or show you the best shops and restaurants to suit your interests and preferences.

24 Hour Assistance

Whatever your needs - from general advice on sightseeing to assistance in an emergency - you can use our Japan office contact numbers for 24 hour help and advice.

Personalised Tour Information

As part of your tailor made tour information we provide hotel guides, train schedules and location guides. The hotel guides include photos, facility details, access information and maps. The train schedule tells you about each journey you will do including travel times, frequency of trains and the cost. The location guides include detailed sightseeing information with recommended routes and itineraries.


The cost of tailor made itineraries vary according to your choice of season, hotel or ryokan grade, for example.
As a guide, the following are example prices for two or more adults sharing a twin or double room:

Accommodation 6 nights 10 nights 13 nights
3 star £772/ US$1544/ €1158 £1072/ US$2144/ €1608 £1384/ US$2768/ €2076
4 star £892/ US$1784/ €1338 £1272/ US$2544/ €1908 £1644/ US$3288/ €2466
5 star £1102/ US$2204/ €1653 £1622/ US$3244/ €2433 £2099/ US$4198/ €3149

These example prices include:

  • Hotel or Ryokan accommodation (including breakfast at hotels or breakfast and dinner at ryokan)
  • JR Rail Pass (1 week or 2 week pass as appropriate)
  • Airport meeting service
  • Orientation service - full day
  • 24 hour telephone assistance
  • Personal Tour Information pack