Tokyo offers possibilities for the traveller that no other city rivals: karaoke in glass-walled rooms, more Michelin stars than Paris, and the world's busiest fish market. Japan's capital is a truly mesmerizing place, and giant TV screens, flashing neon, and cutting edge technology make Tokyo one of the most futuristic and thrilling places on earth.

The old downtown, or shitamachi, still exists alongside the modern city, and tiny station eateries, ancient temples and old shopping districts - seemingly unchanged in the last century - rub shoulders with super-luxury hotels, sleek skyscrapers and high-tech shops.

Tokyo is Japan's city of lights; at dusk the neon flickers on and the daytime rules dissolve over glasses of sake, beer, and the increasingly popular shochu. The city has no single entertainment hub, and each district has its own atmosphere and draws its own crowd. Few cities can rival the possibilities of Tokyo after dark, and there really is something for everyone, from Roppongi for the club crowd to Odaiba for the modern-day romantic.