Manga and Anime

Now familiar in the west for bold drawings and appealing story lines, Manga and Anime have flourished in Japan since the late 1950s, when they were defined as entertainment suited to both adults and children.

Ghibli Anime Musuem

Opened in 2001, Tokyo’s Studio Ghibli Museum is more than a museum of animation- it’s a kind of haven for art - stained glass windows and fanciful architecture, fresco, painting, and film playfully meld together to make a delightful place to take children- whether or not they are familiar with Ghibli’s films. Ghibli fans, children or otherwise, will not be disappointed.

Using familiar characters from Ghibli films (My Neighbour Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away) to explain the process and history of animation, the museum features a creatively designed three dimensional zoetrope which uses lighting to create a moving picture, and various displays show the process of inspiration and the work of animation. A theatre features short and whimsical animations.

Tickets to the Ghibli Anime Museum must be purchased in advance. Into Japan Specialist Tours is happy to reserve tickets for you as part of your trip to Japan.

Suginami Animation Museum

Located in the heart of Tokyo’s anime town, the Suginami Animation Museum opened in 2005 and houses an informative introduction to the Japanese animation industry, as well as seminal cells, pictures and storyboards. A number of the exhibits are interactive: “How Anime is Made” provides a unique opportunity to try voice-overs, dubbing, and other aspects of animation. A theatre and a comprehensive anime library are also provided for the foot-sore.

Toei Animation Gallery

Founded in 1956, Toei Animation Company is one of the oldest and most respected animation studios in Japan. Most famous in the west for the serialized Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z, as well as the movies Galaxy Express 999 and One Piece, Toei has, over the years, created hundreds of Japan’s best-loved anime.

The gallery was established in 2003 and is home to many of Toei’s movie posters, animation cells, storyboards and original drawings. The exhibition is themed and changes quarterly, and includes video screenings, though unfortunately English translation is not provided.

Hello Kitty Land

Properly known as Sanrio Puroland, this theme park is dedicated to Hello Kitty and friends. The park was opened in 1990, and though not wholly dedicated to Kitty herself, is a must-see destination for die-hard Kitty fans, and is a delightful place to visit with young children.

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