Ryokan: Japanese Inn

Ryokan accommodation is the epitome of Japan: traditional wooden or sleekly modern buildings house simple tatami rooms where guests can slip into crisp cotton yukata robes after a relaxing onsen bath, and sit down to a delicious meal of many skilfully prepared kasiseki dishes, served at the low table in your room. When bedtime comes, the ryokan staff spread fluffy white futons directly on the slightly springy tatami floors, and the darkness is straw-scented.

Many of the most luxurious ryokan offer an incredible level of indulgence, with spa treatments, private outdoor room-side hot springs, and food equalling that of Kyoto and Tokyo's top kaiseki restaurants, as well as many of the amenities offered by top hotels. Even the simplest of ryokan pride themselves on their food, and the set menu offered will feature the best of local, seasonal ingredients, which sometimes include hand-picked wild vegetable or mushrooms.

Ryokans are a glimpse into Japan at its traditional best, and Into Japan Specialist Tours is pleased to be able to book you a night or more at some of the best ryokan in the country.

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